Bond Financing in New York

If you are looking to grow your business, The Industrial Develop Agency (IDA) of Orange County, NY can offer economic incentives in the form of Bond Financing in New York.

The IDA is eligible for tax-exempt Bond Financing in New York. In this capacity, the IDA can extend this status to qualifying companies and projects to benefit from this status, thereby reducing the overall investment and increasing the cost-savings of the project significantly.

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The IDA, located in Orange County, NY, is dedicated to growing and creating jobs in the Hudson Valley, NY region, and therefore is committed to assisting companies whose projects’ support this mission. If your company is looking to expand by adding manufacturing opportunities or projects, the IDA can assist in providing tax-exempt Bond Financing in New York.

Bond Financing in New York and other parts of Orange County, NY is available for projects to purchase land, new machinery & equipment, the construction of new facilities or the renovation of existing facilities. While the IDA does not issue the Bond Financing in New York directly, by partnering with the IDC through leasehold transactions, a company can then use the status when securing a buyer or broker for the bond itself. The Bond Financing in New York program is set up so that at the end of the loan, the IDA will revert its share of ownership and involvement in the project to the company.

Bond Financing in New York is one of the financing incentives offered by the IDA to help businesses relocate and expand their operations within the Hudson Valley region.

For Bond Financing in New York contact the IDA at 845-234-4192