Business Incentives in Goshen, NY

Imagine saving hundreds of dollars, or even thousands, a year on taxes by taking advantage of tax breaks.

Talk about a smart business decision. The Orange County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) helps companies develop and grow with a variety of Business Incentives in Goshen, NY. The IDA offers a diverse array of incentives to newly-formed businesses and firms that have been around for decades.

There are approximately 3,000 tax credits and incentive programs in the U.S. These are sponsored on the local, state and federal level to increase, among other things, job creation and business development. There are programs for every type of operation – from mom and pop businesses to white collar power firms. There are plenty of Business Incentives in Goshen, NY.

The IDA has a proven track record of helping corporations with new business ventures and capital expansions. The result? Firms are becoming more profitable and growing by taking advantage of Business Incentives in Goshen, NY.

The IDA teams with local, state and federal agencies to get results. Here in Orange County, the IDA’s resources include the Orange County Partnership and Orange County Business Accelerator. This team has become respected in providing comprehensive Business Incentives in Goshen, NY. Under state law, the enterprising IDA can provide a variety of financial assistance, including mortgage recording tax exemptions, sales and use tax exemptions, real property tax abatements and IDA Bonds – Lower Tax Exempt Interest Rate for Manufacturers only.

The IDA will help your company through each transaction - from initial inquiry, to the strategic planning phase, to the completion of your project. Taking advantage of these Business Incentives in Goshen, NY will help your business take flight.