“The mission of the Orange County Industrial Development Agency is to promote economic growth through a program of incentives-based allocations that assist in the construction, equipping and maintenance of specific types of projects and facilities. The IDA works to advance the health, prosperity and economic welfare of our County’s citizens by retaining and creating jobs and attracting new businesses.”

A Public Benefit Corporation
a public benefit

The Orange County Industrial Development Agency, a public benefit corporation organized under Article 18-A of the General Municipal Law of the State of New York, provides assistance to qualified companies through a program of incentives. While the IDA does not lend money, it offers a wide range of incentives to qualifying businesses to encourage job creation and job retention. These incentives include, but are not limited to, sales and mortgage tax exemptions, real property tax abatements and, in some cases, the issuance of tax exempt bonds.

Dedicated to Job Creation
dedicated to
job creation

Dedicated to their mission of job creation in Orange County, the IDA has partnered with federal, regional, state and local agencies to attract numerous companies to Orange County. The IDA has also assisted numerous existing companies in the expansion of their businesses, allowing them to become more competitive in the marketplace. Over the last two years alone, the IDA has helped create more than 1100 permanent jobs, while also retaining over 600 local jobs.

All-volunteer Board of Directors
board of directors

Governed by an all-volunteer seven member Board of Directors, the Orange County Industrial Development Agency operates without any public funds. Rather, the IDA uses fees charged to applicants to carry out its goals to further economic development in Orange County.

Championing New Business
new business

Always looking for new ways to encourage job-creation and economic development in Orange County, the IDA is creating new avenues for growth in our region. The IDA has championed the innovative The Accelerator, a business incubator which offers discounted office space and mentoring programs to new businesses at its New Windsor location.