Economic Development in Orange County, NY

Economic development has provided a big boost for Orange County’s economy, helping create new jobs, and attract successful firms to the region.

At the forefront of Economic Development in Orange County, NY is the Orange County Industrial Development Agency (IDA). The IDA has a deep pool of resources, partnering with local, regional, state and federal agencies to help local companies flourish – from small start-ups to large firms – and lay the groundwork for corporations that relocate to succeed.

Over the last two years, the IDA has helped create more than 1,100 permanent jobs, while also retaining more than 600 local jobs. Economic Development in Orange County, NY has been fostered by the IDA’s various partnerships, including the Orange County Business Accelerator (OCBA). Located New Windsor at Stewart International Airport, the OCBA attracts new firms to the region by offering a variety of innovative incentives.

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The Orange County IDA’s board of directors manage the Orange County Funding Corporation (OCFC), a not-for-profit local development corporation, which operates for charitable purposes. The COFC’s mission is to relieve and reduce unemployment, promote and provide for additional and maximum employment, improve and maintain job opportunities and lessen the burden of government and act in the public interest.

The Orange County IDA also works in concert with the Orange County Partnership in fostering Economic Development in Orange County, NY. The Partnership is a private, not-for-profit economic development agency that works with commercial real estate brokers, developers, site selection firms and regional and statewide economic development agencies to find the most relevant and affordable locations for corporate attractions and a variety of expansions.

The Orange County IDA not only attracts new companies to Orange County, bolstering Economic Development in Orange County, NY but builds relationships. This valued partnership begins with initial inquiry, growing during the planning and developing process. The IDA is proud to help firms of all sizes grow and flourish right here in Orange County.

For Economic Development in Orange County, NY contact the IDA at 845-234-4192