Orange County NY

Total Square Miles: 811.69

Persons per Square Mile: 459.3

Orange County Population 2012: 374,512
(2012 U.S. Census Estimate)

Median Age: 36.6
(2010 U.S. Census Estimate)

Household Data

Median Rent: $1,031

Housing Units: 137,025

Number of Households: 125,925

Average Household Size: 2.86

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Major Highways
Interstates 84, 86 (17), & 87

Local Airports
Stewart Airport
Orange County Airport

Freight Rail
CSX, Norfolk Southern,
Middletown & NJ Railroad, LLC

Passenger Transportation
Coach USA/Shortline Bus Co., NJ Transit,
Metro-North Railroad- Port Jervis Line

150 miles of freight/commuter
rails and access through the Hudson River