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Orange County Chamber of Commerce

“The Orange County Chamber of Commerce Business Center simply would not have been possible without the assistance of the Orange County IDA. Their willingness to make it possible for the business community to have a center of its own demonstrates extraordinary foresight and wisdom. Those of us who are advocates for our local businesses will be forever grateful for the support of the Orange County IDA.”


Mediacom Communications Corporation

“The Orange County IDA is a true difference maker in local economic development.  The unwavering support of the IDA was a critically important factor in Mediacom’s decision to remain in New York.  With assistance from the IDA in the form of property tax and sales tax benefits, Mediacom invested nearly $50 million to construct a new state-of-the-art corporate headquarters that nearly 350 employees now call home.”

Carlisle Construction Materials

“As we evaluated locations to consider for our plant re-location we found the IDA to be extremely helpful. They were not only a great resource for information but the IDA was also instrumental in assisting us with obtaining the incentives to make the economics favorable for our final decision to locate in Orange County.”

Crystal Run HealthcareCrystal Run Healthcare LLP

“We have successfully worked with the IDA numerous times and found the IDA, its staff, board, and consultants, to be focused on the best interest of the community while responsibly providing benefits to promote economic development.”