Relocation to Orange County, NY

Relocating your business is an important decision for any company and there are many variables to consider when transitioning.

The Orange County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) can help your Relocation to Orange County, NY and other parts of the Hudson Valley, NY region be successful so that you remain as relevant and profitable, if not more so, as you were previously.

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Backed by an array of trusted partnerships and valued connections, the Orange County IDA furnishes clients with a unique vision, which starts with intelligent strategic planning, moving forward to well-researched business plan development. The Orange County IDA identifies companies strengths and uses them and its own resources to help you be successful. This approach leads to business growth and prosperity after your Relocation to Orange County, NY and other parts of Orange County, NY.

Scenic and historic, Orange County, NY located just 50 miles outside of New York City, is an ideal spot to relocate your business. Why Orange County, NY? There are several reasons to consider Relocation to Orange County, NY or one of the vibrant surrounding cities, towns or villages.

Companies that chose Relocation to Orange County, NY and other parts of Orange County, NY have the opportunity to operate in the center of 18 percent of the nation’s population and 20 percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In the Orange County IDA, you have a partner, committed to your success with Relocation to Orange County, NY.

From site selection to financing options, employment training, market research and technical assistance, the Orange County Partnership, which works in concert with the Orane County IDA, provides economic development support with no fees. The Partnership's renowned team of economic development professionals works with commercial real estate brokers, developers, site selection firms and regional and statewide economic development agencies to find the most attractive and cost-effective locations for a Relocation to Orange County, NY or any part of Orange County, NY.

The Orange County IDA also offers a variety of different cost-effective incentives that make a Relocation to Orange County, NY or a surrounding area even more attractive. The Orange County IDA affords exemptions from sales tax on materials and equipment purchased during construction projects. The Orange County IDA can also help with a costsaving mortgage recording tax exemption. Your firm can also take advantage of an Orange County IDA-sponsored mortgage, which makes the project exempt from 1.05 percent of the New York State mortgage recording tax.

Some other incentives the Orange IDA offers that can assist your new construction after a Relocation to Orange County, NY or other parts of Orange County, NY include tax abatements for improvements on a property which results in an increase in its property value by the taking jurisdiction (village, county and school district). The IDA’s PILOT (Payment In Lieu of Taxes) program offers an agreed-upon percentage that usually would be due on the property if the project was completed without any tax abatements.

A Relocation to Orange County, NY or the other great parts of Orange County, NY could be the best business decision you make.

For Relocation to Orange County, NY contact the IDA at 845-234-4192