Policies and Documents

All of the IDA and OCFC fundamentals – Up to Date By-Laws and Organization Flow Charts can be located here.

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Meeting Notices

Whether it's a regularly scheduled or special meeting, IDA and OCFC Meeting Notices are posted here. These Notices explain the date, time, and location for all meetings.

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Public Hearing Notices

In most cases, the IDA and OCFC must hold a public hearing before it can adopt a final resolution to extend benefits. At these hearings, representatives of the IDA/OCFC collect public opinion about each project and report back to the Board. Public Notices will be posted here when an IDA or OCFC public hearing is scheduled.

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Before each meeting of the IDA or OCFC, the agenda will posted here for public review. Along with regular business, including approval of minutes and financial reports, any new business or resolutions will be identified within the Agenda.

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Prior month's meeting minutes are approved at each IDA and OCFC meeting. The Minutes page is where all approved minutes can be found.

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Board Packets

Each month, IDA and OCFC Board Members are provided with packets of information providing further detail about the month's business. In accordance with the Open Meetings Law, the Member Packets for each meeting are posted here for public review.

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Annual Reports

IDAs and OCFCs are required to report to the Authorities Budget Office on an annual basis. During the course of this reporting, documents such as annual financial audits, reports, and summaries are published on the IDA website. In addition to those annual reporting documents, each year's meeting schedule and budget is available on this page.

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Completed Labor Policy Audits

All completed labor policy audits can be located here.

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Calendar of Events

Details about all IDA and OCFC meetings and public hearings are available on our calendar. Each calendar entry supplies detailed information about the upcoming event, including links to all documents associated with the meeting, date, time, location, contact information and directions.

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